Food Truck Blog: Just Bloggin Along

Summer is almost here and it is time for the sun and Food Trucks to shine!

Winter, especially in the north, is a slow time for Food Trucks. Some Owners work a second, seasonal job and use what spare the time they have to prepare for summer. Foodies tend to stick to warm indoor establishments or delivery services.

Not that winter is a bad time for Food Trucks, but let's face it a good sandwich is better on a nice warm summer day than on a cold wintery day. During the summer season foodies fill the streets during their lunch breaks or after a long day at work and families like to enjoy an outside dinner after a day in the park. Businesses hold their annual employee parties during the summer. It is the season that charities tend to schedule events.

It is a profitable time for truck owners. Owners need to make sure their truck and equipment are clean and appealing. A Food Truck that shines in the sun's rays is sure to attract those hungry foodies like bee's to a flower!

Whether you are an owner or customer, summer is the time for Food Trucks to Shine!  


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