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Food Truck Fusion: An eclectic mix

From Thai Curry Chicken Tacos and sushi hoggies to Mexican-Peruvian and good ole Tex-Mex, Fusion food has hit the streets in a big way! Just about every city big and small food trucks abound and it seems a lot of them offer a wide variety of fusion food.

Trucks like GiGi's in Tuson serving up a Mexican-Peruvian mix and Korean Tacos from Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles are popping up every where. If your looking for something different you should have no problem finding something your tastebuds will enjoy. If not, just wait a while, at the rate of new Fusion Trucks hitting the market it is only a matter of time before someone creates your particular food fancy.

We can look forward to the fusion truck market to grow as more and more people find that they can fill a niche with the foods they have either created at home or in restaurants they have worked for. I say there can never be too many. The more the merrier!


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