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82 Food Trucks in las vegas, nevada

Stomach Growling? Craving something tasty to eat in las vegas, nevada? There's bound to be something to fill your gut and satisfy your taste buds near you!  food trucks are a great way to make your day brighter or top off a nice evening!  include one in your plans, there's sure to be a food truck near you!

Stripchezze Truck LV

Las Vegas, NV…    
The Real Stripchezze #FoodTruck for Melty Cheesy goodies the best #GrilledCheese in #Vegas
#Catering #parties…

Twirl Cotton Candy

Las Vegas, NV    
Sweet Spun Sugar

50 Shades of Green

Las Vegas, NV    
Organic real food from a food truck. We cater and do events. Meal prep as well!! email us at

Gourmet Soirče

Las Vegas, NV    
Artisanal desserts,meals,fresh lemonade,breakfast + more! Full menus for Film&TV Catering-Craft Service (702) 400-7980 Also @producerswife Romans 5:20

Arete Culinary Group

Las Vegas, NV…    
Arete is a new food trailer in North Texas. We specialize in serving gourmet sliders, sandwiches, and other small bites that pack a flavor punch.

Bacon Boys Truck

Las Vegas, NV    
Simple Food | Bold Taste - Bringing Bacon to #Vegas in a big way. Home of the .VEGAS Donut[dot]Vegas, the Dragon BLT, and the #baconburger, half-bacon/half-beef

Bad Ass Coffee Truck

Las Vegas, NV    
Official Bad Ass Coffee Mobile truck serving 100% Kona & Hawaiian Signature coffee,shave ice & smoothies on the Vegas streets plus private parties & events


Las Vegas, NV…    
Big E's Rolling Burritos = Epic burritos, tacos, hot sandwiches, and other goodies! Rolling through Las Vegas!

Blondies Bacon Truck

Las Vegas, NV    
Blondies Bacon Creations! Serving EVERYTHING BACON to Las Vegas! #bacon inspired & our location! #lasvegas #vegas #baconlove #foodtruck #foodporn

Manchester's Finest

Las Vegas, NV    
We offer fresh, all-natural smoothies, milkshakes, handmade beef patties, and jerk real-smoked meats. You will love our authentic Jamaican cuisine.


Las Vegas, NV    
Happy to serve you the Best Gourmet Hot Dogs in Las Vegas.

Ciccio and Chuck

Las Vegas, NV
Chefs Ciccio and Chuck have been cooking Italian banquets together for 3 years, Now they are teaming up to bring their Great Italian Food truck to Vegas


Las Vegas, NV    
Cousins Maine Lobster serves the country the best Maine Lobster. Whether at our trucks or on your table, the ultimate experience. Family owned and family run.


Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas, NV    
We're the best thing that’s happened to food since meat. We’re a mobile kitchen serving unique, mouth-watering sandwiches and gourmet delights to Las Vegas.

Dazzling Bistro

Las Vegas, NV    
We're all about comfort food. We take classic (Tacos) and iconic (Chocolate Mousse) dishes and put a 21st century twist on them.

Dragon Ass Coffee

Las Vegas, NV    
Bringing the Worlds finest coffee's to you!


Las Vegas, NV    
Awarded the Best New Foodtruck Of Las Vegas in 2013 & Best of Las Vegas in 2015 Dragon Grille has become one of the most acclaimed trucks in Sincity!


Las Vegas, NV    

El Shuko

Las Vegas, NV    
Latin American Hotdogs & Guatemalan Cuisine by Sincity Dragons * @dragongrille * 702-927-7625


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